About Us

Mula Cake Clothing was first established in 2010 and has officially been launched in June 2013.

It is one of the freshest brands hitting London’s urban fashion markets. This mid-range British borne brand specialises in producing fun, hip fashionable street wear such as snap back hats, t-shirts, vests and jumpers in a variety of colours for today’s fashion conscious young people who like trendy attire that is unique, of good quality and available at affordable prices.

The words `Mula’ and ‘Cake’ were put together by its founder Dexter Simms who believes that both items bring a mixture of fun and pleasure to everyone. ‘Mula’- meaning money always helps one to feel happy about life and ‘Cake’ – well they always bring a sense of enjoyment and pleasure to all that eat them!

With over a year of learning the clothing business, doing a lot of hard work having sheer drive and being totally committed, this brand is now fully alive and about to take the world by storm.